Welcome to Pro-Fitness Academy in the Community

We are the social enterprise branch of Pro Fitness Academy and offer a diverse range of communities the opportunity to access health, wellbeing, education and improved life-chances via our free community courses. Delivered by a team of highly trained lecturers, assessors, personal trainers, psychologists, doctors, dieticians and motivational speakers, we mentor, motivate, get active and create community leaders. Improving lives, job opportunities, health outcomes and the areas we live one street at a time.

This isn’t just about our health. Whilst our team of professionals come to talk to the community about healthy lifestyle habits, changes and choices that can transform lives, it’s also about improving opportunities to move into work and education. We offer bespoke and accredited academic and vocational courses improving education and advocating self-development and learning. We offer funded food provision and fitness programmes as well as health and wellbeing workshops.

All in, we aim to improve employment opportunities, minimise poverty, maximise motivation, deliver education and improve physical and mental health in areas of need and neglect. We are bringing back a sense of camaraderie and community, promoting a healthier and more prosperous future. Health and fitness in the community with Pro-fitness Academy.  Come on in…

Unlocking the potential in your local area.

We’re on your side.

Realising and releasing the value in helping communities take an active role in managing their mental and physical health and educational potential.  Listening to needs and responding to demands for better within forgotten and deprived communities. With teamwork and togetherness, we can achieve a movement for change.

Inclusive. Transformative.

5 steps to sustainability.

1. Focussing on a community’s capabilities

We work within the community to strengthen its informal networks, skills and leadership to help people have more control over the conditions that affect their health.

2. Strengthening social relationships

We help set up the structures which will help integrate more isolated communities, such as people with a history of drug and alcohol misuse, the “left-behind” working class communities or refugee groups.

3. Building a volunteer army

Often those communities that would benefit most from volunteering are the ones that need more support to do so. So we support individuals within a community to develop a wide range of skills.

4. Fast-track to education and work

With the option to gain qualifications that will unlock a career in the fitness industry, Pro-Fitness Academy in the Community helps lift people out of benefits and move forward into a fulfilling career.

5. Family Focussed

Educational content – delivered by experts – will help families transform their diet, well-being, fitness levels and social networks to a new level.


A movement for change

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Case Study

What we’re about

Pro Fitness in the Community courses are unique in that as well as working with socially excluded and ‘left-behind’ communities to access health, wellbeing, community leadership and friendship we offer a pathway into work via education.

So far in London and the South East we have worked in some of the most deprived areas to help women, young people and the black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) community transform their lives.

Sample sessions include:

Week Three:
Session 1 Breakfast provided free by Fairshare followed by a workshop on sleep, sleeping better and getting to sleep
Session 2 Motivational speaker "The Skill Of Self Confidence” by Dr Jo Mckinlay.
Session 3 Group Discussion: How fit am I? - Followed by: Group Fitness: Core strength training.
Session 4 1-1 circuit training for beginners.
Session 5 Food parcel distribution and recipe idea session.
Week Four:
Session 1. Lunch provided free by Fairshare.
Session 2 Level 1 Award in Fitness and Physical Activity. the basic principles of assisting in leading an exercise session safely and effectively.
Session 3 Group Fitness: High-intensity circuits.
Session 4 Food parcel distribution and recipe idea session.

What do people say?

I’ve had the opportunity to study that I didn’t have in school and in an environment I enjoy. It means I’m now going to carrying on learning and getting qualifications!” Joe, South London.

Thanks to Andy and the team I now feel proud of my CV and capable of getting the type of job I’ve always wanted.” Candice, East London.

I made new friends, grew in confidence and discovered I could achieve things I couldn’t have dreamed of six months ago.” Elaine, Sussex.

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